Hello and welcome to this webpage with too much information about myself!

My name is Monika. I am in the class of 2019 and a statistics major. I chose statistics because I couldn't make a decision. I find everything in math and science equally interesting. Statistics allows me to keep my options open later when I'm looking for a field to work in at the beginning of my career and somewhere down the line. I am also very weird and find statistics very interesting.

I have a few hobbies that are often forgotten while I'm in school. I enjoy reading books in fiction, history, and science. I also like reading articles from the New York Times, BBC, NPR, and others. Watching movies and TV shows are what I do when I'm not reading. Cooking, writing, and playing with my puppy are also favorite pastimes of mine.

My dream job would be one that takes me around the world every once in a while. It would also allow me to work from home when I need to. Flexibility and travelling are all I dream about in a job right now.

Photo of me mfmori@ncsu.edu Resume
  1. Introdution to World Archaeology
  2. Foundations of Advanced Mathematics
  3. Insects and Human Disease
  4. Rise of Modern Science
Name Major
Daniel Dulaney I have no idea
Katherine Vlachos I forgot