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Myself and my best friend at prom

Education Plan

I am an intended electrical engineering major at NC State University. My anticipated graduation is in May of 2020.

Why electrical engineering?

I chose electrical engineering as my intended major because I noticed my aptitude for STEM. I love logic and puzzles and thoroughly enjoyed the electrical engineering classes and projects I did in high school. If I could do exactly what I wanted, I would do circuit design and analysis for bioinstrumentation devices to help restore feelings and other sensations to people.

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 200 Intro Sig Circ Sys Sophomore - First
ECE 209 Comp Sys Prog Sophomore - First
ECE 211 Electric Circuits Sophomore - Second
ECE 211 Fund Logic Design Sophomore - Second
ECE 220 Analy Fnd of ECE Sophomore - Second