Hey People!

Hey, I'm Gray Dougherty. I'm a freshman at State, (Class of 2021) majoring in computer science with a game development concentration. I chose computer science because I eventually want to make videogames as a career. I'm also thinking about a minor in Philosophy, because I enjoy the information and critical thinking skills associated with it.

I've never had a legitimate job before, but my dream job is to work at a AAA game development studio. It would be a great experience to learn the industry and associated skills. Then, I'd like to form my own studio and consequently become very rich.

Pic of Me

Classes that interest me:

  1. CSC 481 Game Engine Foundations
  2. CSC 411 Artificial Intelligence
  3. LOG 201 Logic
  4. CSC 484 Building Game AI

Clubs Link
University Scholars Program https://scholars.dasa.ncsu.edu/
Video Game Development Club https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/vgdc