A Day in the Life of Margaret Goodman

My name is Margaret Goodman and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am currently in the Exploratory Studies program but will hopefully transfer into Civil Engineering next year. I would love to do civil engineering because it combines design and math, two of my favorite subjects. I have always wanted to do something with design, but before I got to college I realized that it is tough to get a job in design. Instead, I will be use my design skills in civil engineering, which I am very excited about. I have also always been very passionate towards math, so this will come in handy because the immense amount of math in civil engineering.

My favorite hobby is anything to do with art, like I said in the previous paragraph. The two top things I enjoy doing the most are photography and painting. My mom has always been into photography, so for Christmas a few years ago she got me a nice camera so that I could start taking pictures as well. Numerous people have hired me to take pictures for them, so I could definitely see myself opening up a photography business one day. I've been taking art classes since I was a child, so I've grown to really love painting.

Tobi Website Resume
  1. Go onto pizza website, preferably Hungry Howies
  2. Pick out your favorite type of pizza and add to cart
  3. Enter in delivery information and pay for pizza
  4. Answer the door when the pizza man arrives
  5. Enjoy your delicious pizza!
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 2 A-
Physics B-
English A
Nikon Camera