My name is Matthew Hierman. I am a freshman in the First Year Engineering program.
I have the intention of joining the Mechanical Engineering program after submitting
my CODA application. I chose this major because of my interest in the subject of
physics and its applications. Although, at some point I would like to teach physics
or a mathematics course, so I may end up going to back to school later on.

I am embarrassed to say that my favorite hobby is playing video games. Its
something I got into from a very young age and has yet to "phase" out like my
parents are expecting. I enjoy playing classic nintendo games like Mario Cart,
Super Smash Bros, and Super Mario Bros along with first person shooters like Call of
Duty and Destiny. I prefer the PS4 over the Xbox One if I ever want to play a gun
game. The Wii is in a class of its own since it monopolizes the Mario games.

My favorite website is https://www.google.com. Here is a paper I wrote for Psychology since I do not have my resume stored on this computer.
  1. Acquire ingredients
  2. Compile ingredients into a pizza pie
  3. Bake pizza pie in an oven for an appropriate time
  4. Enjoy the pizza
Class Expected Grade
PY 205 A+
EC 201 A+
PSY 200 B+
Mario Kart This image is from http://mariokart.wikia.com/wiki/Standard_Kart_M
(btw, it wasn't mentioned how we should reference the image.)