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Name: Mel Pagar
Year: Graduating class of 2021
Major: Engineering Undecided,
"I love science and technology. I want to be able to make a positive and lasting impact on the technological world one day. I don't know where I fit quite yet, but I know I have a lot to offer." -Mel Pagar

Mel Pagar is a Filipino-American born of the Philippines but a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. He's an expert in personal relations and technology. He is capable of befriending anyone from any background and is able to find the slightest connections between him and the targeted friend. Greatest strength is also his greatest weakness; extremely social.

The last job that I had was the most fun I've had on a job. It was strenuos however and had me exhausted every day. I worked at a daycare center all summer long watching kids from grades pre-k to 5th grade. it was rather exhausting. It made things interesting though.

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Resume: link

Interesting Classes

  1. Com 110
  2. E115
  3. Ch 111
  4. MA 141

Friend Major
Skyler Price Biology
Elizabeth Goldstein Biological Engineering