Welcome to Homework 6!

My name is Matthew Parker, and I am majoring in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NC State University. I am a transfer student from Sandhills Community College, so I am technically a junior, even though I am taking freshman-, sophomore-, and junior-level classes. I chose my major because I grew up on a family farm in Moore County, NC, and I come from a strong agricultural background. I am a fourth-generation farmer on the same plot of land that my great-grandfather purchased in 1926. In high school, I enjoyed and performed well in my math and physics classes, so engineering seemed like a natural choice for me. With a degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, I hope to be able to work for equipment and fertilizer manufacturers or even teach and perform research if I were to obtain a graduate degree.

One of my favorite hobbies is farming. One of my ventures is growing coastal bermuda horse hay on fifteen acres in Moore County, NC. Every summer, I bale and sell over 3000 square bales of hay. Two years ago, I bought my own cows, and I have started selling farm-to-freezer beef directly to consumers as well. This year, I have had seven cows processed, and I plan to sell at least ten next year. I try to raise my cattle naturally on pasture and without antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.


Click the image below to link to cattletoday.com.

Cattle Today
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How to Make a Pizza:

  1. Purchase dough, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni
  2. Lay the pizza dough on a pan
  3. Spread pizza sauce across the dough evenly
  4. Sprinkle a thick layer of cheese over the sauce
  5. Place a liberal amount of pepperoni on the cheese an equal distance apart
  6. Bake at 400°F until the cheese starts to brown
  7. Enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
BAE 325 A
ST 370 A
E 115 S
MAE 301 A
MAE 208 B
E 201 A