Welcome! The Wall of MG is a Great Place to Be

My name is Matthew Gion Wall. I am a Freshman attending NC State University. Over the next four years, I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering. I have chosen this path, because I have always had a passion for making things work. Specifically, I enjoy building and improving products that are in motion.

In addition to preparing for a career in Mechanical Engineering, I am a member of the Club Rugby Team. I enjoy rugby for the exercise it provides, the physicality of the sport, and the camaraderie of the team. As a rugby player, I am in great shape, and it has helped me feel a little less stress in my life. I also love being able to tackle other people and drive them into the dirt; It's a good replacement for football. Finally, I have made a multitude of friends from the team, which has made my transition into college far more enjoyable than it might have been.

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How to Make Me My Favorite Sandwich

  1. Place two slices of bread side by side on a flat surface.
  2. Evenly spread "Trader Joe's" peanut butter onto the slice to your left.
  3. Evenly spread blackberry jam onto the slice to your right
  4. Carefully place the right slice on top of the left slice, so that the peanut butter and jam are touching each other.
    1. Grade Expectations for Fall 2014

      Course Grade
      Calculus 241 A
      Chemistry 101 A
      Economics 205 A
      Rugby Hit