Matthew Wilson's Awesome Webpage

My name is Matthew Wilson and I am a Freshman in the First Year Engineering Program, with undecided intent. I originally thought I was interested in chemical and biomedical engeineering but I am not so sure anymore. Now, I am looking into mechanical engineering. I am planning to meet with my advisor to discuss the decision. I still may want to major in chemical engineering but I want to talk to my advisor first.

My favorite hobby is playing football. I played foortball in High School but I no longer play. I miss football, but it is a dangerous sport that is not too good for your body. Now, I just enjoy watching football and going to NC State football games. I do, however, play on a flag football team but it is not the same.

My Resume
  1. Cover pizza dough in marinara sauce
  2. Place a thick layer of mozzarella cheese over the dough
  3. Put a good amount of pepperoni on top of the cheese
  4. Cook the pizza for 20 minutes on 350 degrees
Course Name Expected Grade
MA141 B
CH101 A
EC205 A