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Hi! My name Is Mohamed Alsulaimani and I am from Oman. Right now I am a communication major in my second semester but i am switching into engineering. I know it is a big change. Why am I changing you ask? well i am not sure myself. I enjoyed the science classes I did in highschool and i was pretty good at it i guess.I am considering doing chemical engineering at the moment becasue I honestly thing it is the most intersting out of the engineering majors, and I also love Chemistry.

Something I really enjoy is football, it is called soccer here but football makes more sense. Iv played football back in school. I was in the school team for 3 years. We were a good team with people from everywhere in the world. I also watch football when I have time but the time difference between here and Europe does not help.

Stay on target!

Tok Essay

How to make pizza!

  1. Buy frozen pizza
  2. Heat in the oven
  3. Burn Pizza and make the alarm go off
  4. Call Domino's
  5. Enjoy pizza!

Class Expected grade
FLR101 A
MA141 B
EC205 A

TIS Football 2013