My name is Michael Bryson. I am a super senior. I am majoring in Physics. I chose physics because I have always been interested in how things work and was never satisfied with the answer anyone gave me. I believe understanding physics will give me some basic understanding of something about our universe. I also believe that if you can't quantify something you really aren't saying anything that matters anyway so any other approach to understanding anything is useless. I have always wanted to be a scientist as well.

My favorite break from school was spring break. It gave me time to study and catch up on sleep. I also got to spend nine hours one day in the library writing a Fortran code for my electromagnetism class. Spring is the best time of year. Spring break for us was a little early to be called spring and the winter does not seem to be ending anytime soon. It was still very relaxing. I studied some more and then spring break ended so I could go back to studying.

I have no opinion about March Madness. I tried to be interested in sports on many occasions and I cannot. I'm sorry. Collegiate sports bring attention and revenue to colleges and universities which is good. My tuition is constantly increasing so maybe the revenue goes somewhere else. A vast majority of my family's birthdays are in March, which would make me mad when I was younger.

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    How to Make a Better Sandwich
  1. Use yeast free, gluten free, carb free bread.
  2. Use only organic, hormone free, green, free range, humanely slaughtered deli meat.
  3. Use pesticide free, organic, rain watered, hand picked produce.
  4. Use a spoon to spread any condiments instead of the imperialistic fork.
Class Expected Grade
PY414 B
PY401 B
CSC112 A
E115 P