Welcome, friend!

My name is Michael Hester. I am a junior here at NCSU. My major is physics. I chose physics after taking two introductory classes at a community college, and finding the subject matter most appealing. This is my first semester at NCSU though and I am taking other courses (E115 being one) which I may need if I add an additional major.

My favorite hobby is definitely learning how things work. This is a vague decsription, but I mean almost every interpretation of it. I like tearing down different things (mechanical, electrical, even computer software) to learn why it functions the way that it does and this is the approach I take to physics as well. My first (and only) "real" job was disassembling and inspecting industrial pumps to determine why they failed and then returning them to service by rebuilding them.

LMGTFY A resume?
  1. Get pizza ingredients
  2. Arrange pizza ingredients by order of use
  3. Follow online pizza-making instructions
  4. Burn pizza
  5. Order pizza from Papa John's

Class Expected Grade
PY 251 A
E 115 S
PY 203 A

Roland TB303 Teardown