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Where I am from

I am from Raleigh and have lived here my whole life. It has been fun to eat all the food that is available around here. There are always new foods to try. I am intending to be in computer science and I attend NC State University. I am expecting to graduate at least May 2020 if not earlier.

How my year has been so far

It has been very busy. I always have work to do and I think I am taking too many credit hours. I have met a lot of people and everyone has been very interesting. I think I am getting carpal tunnel from typing too much. During this semester I chose Computer Science as my major because it interests me the most and learning about it is something I enjoy too. I intend to work in internet security or something with a lot of working alone because ongoing social engagements make me tired.

class Course Title Semester
Calculus 1 Intro to Java Physics
ma141 csc116 py205
fall 2016 spring 2017 spring 2017