Welcome to the ant farm!

My name is Matthew Parker. I am a freshman Engineering student who is undecided about his major but is working on figuring out what my major will be so there is no need to ask what my major is because I do not know currently so ask again late and I'll know possibly. I like Chemistry so far so I might do Chemical Engineering.

My favorite hobby is hunting rocks. Big rocks, small rocks, and sometimes in between rocks. I didn't used to mind rocks, they were my friends, or at least, we coexisted. Then, one day, In about the fourth grade, I was walking to recess and rock hit my foot and then started running away! That little coward! I ran after him and kicked him and he just ran away even further! Then he decided to roll down a sewage drain and I never saw him again... TO THIS DAY I have never stopped loathing rocks and the disrespect they have for our species.

Ping Pong


  1. Go To PapaJohns.com
  2. Order a Pepperoni Pizza
  3. Steal Mom's Credit Card
  4. Drive to Papa Johns
  5. Pick Up Pizza
Course Expected Grade
MA242 B
CH101 A
ENG101 B