Hello my name is Maeve Wyatt. I am a sophomore at NCSU. I am a Statistics major. I chose this major because I took AP Statistics in highschool and really enjoyed it. I am thinking of adding Nutrition as another major and possibly a minor in Psychology. I've chosen these three subjects of interest because I am very interested in the overall health of humans as a general public and hope that if I get the opportunity to do any work that I will be able to make a difference in changing the state of health in the world as people become more concerned with how much their monetary worth is rather than how much they are worth as a person and how they treat their bodies reflects that.

My favorite hobby is hiking. This is because it gives me a chance to connect to nature while also getting a good amount of exercise without having to be inside a gym with a bunch of other people. Nature cannot judge you so hiking is good because you can do it with your friends, family, or even by yourself for a more personal experience where you can reflect inwardly on how you're doing while walking and think of how you can improve your mood, grades, work, etc. I think hiking is great in this way because a lot of people have no connection with nature and some even don't have a connection with themselves and just going outside and thinking can help with that issue.

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  1. Get out bread bag.
  2. Take out two pieces of bread.
  3. Get peanut butter and jelly, knife, and plate.
  4. Spread the peanut butter and jelly on one side of one piece of bread.
  5. Place other piece of bread on top of piece with PB&J.
  6. Enjoy your sandwich.
MA 141 E115 COM 110
A Pass B

This is a picture related to hiking, my favorite hobby. Hiking picture.