So, who is Muhammad Ibrahim?

Muhammad Ibrahim

Hi. So as you know, my name is Muhammad Ibrahim. I'm a first year engineering student as NC State. My current intended major is Computer Engineering, although nothing is set in stone. I chose this major simply because I love computers and think working with them for a living could be pretty interesting. Computer Science seems pretty cool too though.

My dream job would most definitely be a professional electronic music producer/dj. It would involve me producing my own music, creating tracks for other people, and touring the world playing my music for people to hear. The reason this is my dream job is I love making music. But also, I enjoy the idea of working for myself, not having a boss, and being free to push myself towards my goals without any limitations that a normal job might invovle. And yes, I realize this whole dream might seem kind of far fetched or unrealistic, but a person can dream, right?

4 Most Interesting Classes:

  1. E115
  2. E101
  3. EC101
  4. MA141

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