We proudly announced the birth of Amber and Andrew on February 25, 1998.  The twins (and Robert!) are growing and we have a few new pictures to share with you.

Here they are at 7 months.  They are sitting up and Amber can pull herself up onto furniture, legs, ect.  Both are crawling -- Amber on all fours and Andrew army style on his belly.  They are very mobile and beginning to get into everything that they can get into. We are having a ball with them.  Robert plays with them and is still the proud big brother.  They are happy babies that laugh a lot and are very ticklish.  Fortunately they are now sleeping through the night and we can get a good night's rest to get the energy to play them during the day!

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Here are Robert, Andrew and Amber when the twins were about 3 months old.

Here they are at 7 months.


Andrew and Amber

More pics:

The twins are very mobile now.  Both are crawling and into everything!

Here they are watching us (the person in the picture is John Moor, a friend) clean the driveway.  The noise of the power washer was very attractive1


They like to help wash the dishes!


Halloween 1998 was lots of fun for all three kids!  Amber was Daddy's Little Devil, Andrew was a leopard, and Robert was an alien.


We also went to the State Fair--we carried the babies in backpacks.  Robert had a blast riding the rides and the babies had fun watching the people and pulling mommy and daddy's hair.

Even More Pics!

The twins are now 11 months old and growing like weeds.  Robert will be 7 in February and is in the first grade.
Here they all are:

      Amber is on top of the world!

Getting ready to go out.

  Our little helpers!

Amber, Andrew, and Robert