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Hey, everyone! My name is Maria Victoria Samia, Maria for short, I am a second-year transfer student majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Psychology. I chose my major because I am interested in math, sequences, and logic in addition to that, there is a sense of reward when one completes a program with no bugs or syntax errors in it. Parent factor could also affect my decision due to both of my parents are Engineers in the Philippines, giving me an overview of of what Engineers work on and practice.

I used to work in a Japanese restaurant as a server and cashier for one year. Working there gave me an opportunity to practice my English and gain teamwork skills as it is needed to fully carry out duties. Unfortunately, I had to quit my work to study here at NC State but I hope I could get an on-campus job that is related to my program soon.

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Most Interesting Classes

  1. Elementary Japanese 1
  2. Discrete Mathematics
  3. Java Programming
  4. Macroeconomics

Clubs and Organizations in NCSU

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Barkada Barkada link
Akido Club Akido link