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My name is Michael Ambrosio. I am a freshman that intends to CODA into Nuclear Engineering. I chose this major do to my fascination with the topic and my wish to help the world further develop nuclear technology. I believe that the passison of a high school physics teacher also moved me towards this major. Now I just have to CODA.

I am a person with few hobbies. In high school I enjoyed playing baseball but I know fulfull that love by following sports daily.My favorite team to watch and read about is the New York Mets. I also enjoy reading all kinds of books, but I have struggled to find time to read of late. I enjoy playing video games when on breaks from school. Lastly I enjoy hanging out with friends.

Youtube logo Favorite paper

  1. Walk into Pizza Hut
  2. Order large cheese
  3. Ask for hand toss crust
  4. Ask for extra cheese
Course Name Expected grade
E115 Passing Grade
PY 205 B+
FW 221 A+
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