Welcome to Morgan's Awesome Webpage!

Hello, my name is Morgan Arrington and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am currently a first year engineer and am undecided about what major I want to pursue. I am thinking about choosing either Computer Science or Paper Science and Engineering as my major. If I do choose Paper Science and Engineering, I will get a double major in Chemical Engineering as well since this would only take one extra semester. I like the benefits of having two engineering degrees as this would give me lots of opportunities in the future.

I have two favorite hobbies; one that I do during the summer and one during the winter. During the summer I like to play golf as my hobby. Golf is a challenging and fun sport that I have played all my life. During the winter I snowboard as my hobby. I love snowboarding because it can be either a relaxing hobby or it can be competitive and exciting. Both of these hobbies let me travel and spend time with my family.

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  1. Get two pieces of bread, a plate, a jar of penut butter, a jar of jelly, and two knives.
  2. Take the jar of jelly and a knife and spread jelly onto one of the pieces of bread. Make sure to spread the jelly thick. Don't be stingy.
  3. Take the jar of peanut butter and the other knife and spread peanut butter onto the second piece of bread. Spread the peanut butter thick as well in order to balance with the jelly.
  4. Lay the peanut butter slice peanut butter side up on the plate. Close the sandwich by placing the jelly slice jelly side down on top of the peanut butter slice of bread.
Class Grade
Calculus I A
Chemistry 101 A
English 101 A
Engineering 101 A