My name is Michael Gilbert. I am a freshman that wants to do the Computer Sciences. I chose to do the Computer Sciences because it is very fun. I think. But other people don't think so. Oh well.

My favorite hobby is the Computer Sciences. Ever since my birth in the rural inhabitance near Atlanta, Georgia, it has always been my dream to come to America and study the Computer Sciences. Yes, that is before I even knowed what the Computer Sciences am. When I was young boy I wanted computer to break screen and see electricities inside. From then, I wanted to know how to do the code and make the programming. It is a lifelong passion that I never quit wanting to do. Yes.

NCSU.edu My favorite document, #1. Click this whole line of text for see.

    How to make my favorite sandwich in at least 4 steps:

  1. Get Cow Tongue
  2. Get Turkey Broth
  3. Get Fruit Gushers
  4. Get Slim Jims
  5. Get Icee
  6. Get Bread (78% wheat only)
  7. Put everything (except bread) on bread
  8. Youre done. Stop. This shouldn't even be a number, but just to make sure, I've made it a number
Class Expected Grade
Math A++
Chemistry A-+
Java A+-
Physics A
E115 S+
ComSci Picture. Real legitimate. Really real comsci. yes.