This is my homework

Hello, my name is Matt Good and I am currently enrolled in North Carolina State University. I am a Statistics major and I plan to minor in accounting. I plan to minor in accounting and use my statistics major to make statistical decisions for a business. I chose this major and because every since I took AP Statistics in highschool I have loved statistics. Also, I love sports statistics. My dream job would to work for a sports team and use my statistical techniques to help the gm, coach and other people make decisions.

As for my favorite hobby, I love to play basketball at the gym. I have played basketball since I was little kid and I played varisty for my highschool freshman and sophpmore year of highschool. I love going to the gym to get some shots up or playing a pick up game. Everytime I play a pick up game I meet at least 9 other people each game that I most likely have not met before. Playing basketball helps me stay in shape, is a great stress reliever and also is a great way to meet people.


My Favorite Paper

How to make a Pepporoni Pizza
Class Projected Grade
ACC 210 B
ST 305 A
ST 101 A
MA 241 B
E115 Satisfactory
ST 307 A