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My name is Matthew Hopkins and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am originally from Texas and came to NC State for the Engineering program as well as the beautiful campus! I intend to study Civil Engineering because I have had previous experience with Civil from various mentorship programs. However, I also would be interested in Mechanical or Textile Engineering because I find them very interesting and applicable to various careers.

My favorite hobby has to be working out. I have been consistently going to the gym for over three years now and it is what consumes most of my time outside of school work! During my sophomore year of high school I lost close to one hundred pounds of body fat which sparked my interest in weightlifting. I have fell in love with going to the gym since and plan on working out everyday until the day I physically cannot anymore!

My Resume!

How to Order Your Favorite Pizza:

  1. Decide where to order your pizza
  2. Obtain the number to place the order
  3. Decide which pizza you wish to order
  4. Call and place order your pizza
  5. Either pick up or get your pizza delivered
  6. Feast.

My Classes: Expected Grade:
E115 S
E101 A+
MA241 A
CH101 A

Caffeine and Kilos