Welcome to My E-115 Webpage!

My name is Michael Jordt and I am a Freshman at NC State University, studying Mechanical Engineering. I chose to study Mechanical Engineering because I love all kinds of machines and working with machines. I also enjoy 3D-Modeling, which is a big part of being a mechanical engineer. When I grow up I hope to have a job working as a civilian with the Department of Defense.

Prior to starting my education at NC State I worked as a Lifeguard at Courts Plus Fitness Center in New Bern, North Carolina. I worked there for over two years and I really enjoyed getting to know everyone that was a part of that facility. I did not enjoy sitting in a chair doing nothing all day or cleaning bathrooms, but I really liked the friendly environment.

Picture of me NBHS graduation

My Favorite Classes

  1. E-115
  2. MA-241
  3. ENG-101
  4. PSY-200
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