Welcome to My E115 Homework 5a Answers! E115 Homework 5a

My name is Michael Krenn. I am apart of the class of 2018 here at NCSU. I plan on majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I chose Mechanical Engineering as my major because when I graduate, I plan on going into the Navy. I believe that a degree in Mechanical Engineering will set me up for an excellent service in the Navy. It will also allow me to follow my passion, which is to work on boats and after my service I hope to work for NAVSEA.

My favorite hobby is playing ice hockey. I have been playing hockey for 15 years now. I am currently on NCSU's ice hockey team, yes NCSU has a hockey team. I started playing hockey once my sisters both got into figure skating because I always found myself in a ice rink. I have always played the defensive position and my numbers went from 24 to 26 to 5 to 3 here at State.

  1. Take 2 Pieces of Bread
  2. Put Jelly on 1 Piece of Bread
  3. Put Peanut Butter on the Other Piece of Bread
  4. Put the 2 Pieces of Bread Together
  5. Eat the Delicious PB&J
    1. Class Expected Grade
      Chem 101 A
      Calc II A
      Eng 101 B
      Favorite Hobby