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Family photo in Indo

My name is Micah Laughter, and I am a freshman here at NCSU. I intend on being a mechanical engineer, but I have interests in both electrical and industrial engineering as well. My desire is not only to obtain a degree from this university, but to truly become an engineer that is capable of solving any problem. I hope to gain a tremendous amount of hands-on experience while enrolled here so I will be prepared when the time comes.

I currently am not employed, but am instead a full-time student. My past jobs include working at Papa Johns Pizza and coaching basketball in Indonesia. Working in Indonesia was definitely a wholesome experience. I was able to experience a new and different culture while also being allowed to share a bit of my own culture. At some point in the future, it is my hope that I will be able to return to Indonesia to follow up with the people that I built relationships with.

My Favorite Classes, ranked:

  1. MA242
  2. PY201
  3. E115
  4. E101

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