Welcome to my page.

My name is Michael Medina. I think that I am technically a Senior and I am a Physics major. I chose Physics because I have always been pretty good at math and I have always enjoyed science and it seemed like the perfect joining of the two. I have also considered Engineering and might make that transition in the future.

My favorite hobby is writing. I try to write something everyday. I keep a notebook that is full of ideas and observations, I try to write them down as soon as I think them and don't spend much time critiquing them.



  1. Order large hand tossed pizza
  2. Add pepperoni and mushrooms
  3. Be dissapointed by the amount of mushrooms you recieve
  4. Wash away dissapointment with garlic butter

  5. Course Grade
    MA141 A
    PHI340 B
    E115 S
    GC120 A