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Michael Ozgun

Academic Plan

I am a student at the North Carolina State University who intends to double-major in Biomedical Engineering and Economics. I anticipate to graduate in 2020.

Why I Chose My Majors

I am very interested in the medical field, and I have interests in biology, chemistry, and physics. For these reasons, I chose Biomedical Engineering. I chose Economics as a second major because I have always been interested in business, and I have enjoyed my first semester economics class here at NCSU. With these degrees, I would like to work at a medical company designing medical devices for several years, then use my economics background to rise to a more business-oriented executive position.

Pertinent Skills and Traits

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
CH 221 Organic Chemistry I Spring 2017
BME 204 Biomedical Measurements Fall 2017
BME 203 Intro to Materials Science of Biomaterials Spring 2018
BME 301 Human Physiology for Engineers I Fall 2018
BME 311 Linear Systems in Biomedical Engineering Fall 2018