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Matthew Shuttleworth

Intended Major

Right now I am a freshman in the general engineering program at NC State University. I am projected to graduate in 2020, but know it will probably be 2021 because I plan on doing a co-op. As of right now I think I would like to go into aerospace engineering.

Goals and Plans

I initially wanted to become an engineer because that is what my father had done. Both my father and uncle are engineers and I always thought that it would make a cool profession. As I grew older I realized it would be a very suitable job for me and something I highly enjoy. I hope to do a co-op and then be able to get a job right out of college. However I also have interest in law, and have thought about going back to school to study being a patent lawyer.



Class Course Title Semester
MAE 206 Engineering Static Fall 2017
MAE 214 Solid Mechanics Spring 2018
MAE 371 Aerospace Structure I Fall 2018
MAE 251 Aerospace Vehicle Performance Fall 2017
MAE 481 Aerospace Vehicle Design II Spring 2020