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Hi guys, my name is Matthew White. I am currently majoring in exploratory studies. However, I am hoping to get into Aerospace Engineering next year starting my sophomore year in college. I have always been interested in aeronautics and how planes and other aviation related objects function and maneuver. If I were to choose a backup major, it would be Mechanical Engineering. The reason Mechanical Engineering would be my backup major is because Mechanical Engineering covers a lot of the same topics as in Aerospace and it will also allow me to be more diverse in my field of study.

My favorite hobby would be to go camping. I have always followed the philosophy that if someone had to give me a choice between the beach or the mountains, I will almost always choose the mountains. I have gained my love of camping from my career in the Boy Scouts of America. I was in Boy Scouts for 10 years and I eventually earned the rank of Eagle Scout. I would recommend the program to any young boy out there that wants to learn new skills that will teach him to be a better man for the future.

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Course Name Expected Grade
MA 241 A-
E115 S
HESF 107 A+