Welcome to my page

My name is Michael Zito and I am currently a freshman. I am an Industrial Engineer major. I choose Industrial Engineering because a major component of the field is improving the efficiency of daily operations of a company. I always find myself thinking of new ways of how things could be better or how to improve what is already there. It is a broad field and it is just very interesting to me. I am hoping to get an internship or co-op job in the field soon to get some real experience with the field.

My favorite break is summer break. I really like summer break the most because there is no school work to worry about for months and I can just relax. Over the summer I usually get to spend a lot of time with friends and family, and the weather is always very nice. Summer break allows me to catch up on all the fun things I wanted to do during the school year, but was too busy to do. I also get to go to the beach every summer, which is one of my favorite things to do. Also I tend to be more of a night person, so I get to stay up as long as I want with no worries of being tired for class in the morning.

I am not a big fan of basketball in general. I grew up playing baseball and watching football, so those are the sports I really love. I really only like March Madness when I have a team to cheer for. However, this year that was cut very short and I was disappointed by the NCSU team. The thing about March Madness that I really don't like is how crazy people are about it. I prefer professional sports over college any day, so I just don't see the attraction to college sports.


It makes a nice sandwich

  1. Get some good bread
  2. Get some quality meats and/or cheeses
  3. Put the meats and/or cheeses on the bread
  4. Eat

My Classes

ClassExpected Grade
MA 242B
PS 201A
ENG 101B+