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My name is Mohamed Khalid Almeraikhi. Im a freshman. My major is Mechanical Engineering. Well, since I was young, I always wanted to be an engineer. I thought that all engineers are the same, in other words, I didn't know that engineering was a big field. Furthermore, My parents noticed that I like to play with cars, so obviously my toys were all cars. My father used to tell me that when I was young, I used to disassemble and reassemble cars. That passion grew up with me, therefore, my dream is to become a great mechanical engineer were I will be able to design my own cars engine. After high school, because I graduated with a high GPA, I had a scholarship from a big local company. They gave me the chance to pursuit my dreams and to be a great mechanical engineer one day. I choose to come to NCSU because of the high reputation and the good rank internationally and especially in the Mechanical department.

There are plenty of animals that I think are beautiful (horses, for instance) but there is no animal that is able to move me more than dogs. It's typical, I know but it's my favourate. I love how cute and cuddly they are as puppies. They become extremely attached to their owns and are very loyal. Dogs are our companions and friends who ask for little more than sustenance and the affection of people. They will look out for you and your family and will try to pick you up when you are down. They hardly ever get mad and you, and if they do, they will love you again a couple of minutes later. Some of them are more than companions and have been trained to accomplish real work. They can also be the ultimate people pleasers. Actually, I have two dogs, 1 male and 1 female. They are Huskies. The male name is Diesel and the female name is Dabya. I adopted them 2 years ago and gave them to my cousin to take care of them while Im abroad.

#1 favorite website Netflix
  1. Open the pizza website
  2. Choose your favorite crust
  3. Create your own toppings
  4. Pay and enjoy
Class Grade
PSY 200 A
CH 101 B
FLE 101 B
from #2 bullet 2