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Hello! My name is Mikaela Blackwood. I am currently a freshman at NC State University majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I decided to go into Biomedical Engineering after taking biology in high school since I really liked learning about DNA and neurology. I enjoyed building things ever since I was little and got experience with engineering in high school that reinforced my desire to pursue a career within the field. I hope to one day be able to help those in need as a Biomedical Engineer.

In high school I worked at a place called Hanger Clinic. Hanger Clinic is a business that specializes in the field of prosthetics/orthotics and rehabilitates people with disformaties. I mainly worked in the workshop helping to make the prostheses and orthoses. I also helped do inventory and managed work orders for the practitioners.

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My Most Interesting Classes

  1. EC 205
  2. BIO 230
  3. HESS 235
  4. FLJ 342

My NCSU Clubs

Name of Club Link to Website
Aikido Club Aikido Website
Video Game Development Club VGDC Website