Meghan's Webpage

My name is Meghan Kelly Brewer, and this is my webpage!

Iím a Chemistry major at North Carolina State University.

Iím from Raleigh, North Carolina.

You can email me here.

Here are some of my favorite places to go:

Stuff about me:

kitty! kitty!
I like this picture because of the nice colors on the blanket! Isn't the cat in the yarn cute!?

This is my cat, Moggy. She's a bit fat, and a bit lazy. She's also kind of mean, so she's not very photogenic, but I love her anyway! :)

being silly sleeping on my bed just chilling

I was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but I grew up in Vernon, which is a suburb of Hartford. You can learn more about Hartford here.

Here are some pictures

house in vernon tower on a farm in vernon downtown hartford
This is a house in downtown Vernon. It's very pretty. I grew up in a condo, but many of the houses nearby were like this. This a tower on a farm in Vernon. It stands out because of the snow. It snows a lot up in Connecticut. I miss it sometimes. Downtown Hartford is MUCH different from Vernon.

These are some pictures of my turtle. I have a lot of them, but they all kind of look the same because he doesn't come out of the water very much. Still, he's pretty neat to look at.

in the tank in the tank

Thatís it for right now! Thanks for visiting!