Homework 6

My name is Molly Diehl, and I am a sophomore in Civil Engineering at NCSU. I chose civil engineering because I'm interested in the way roads and bulidings are created. I want to work for a design build company that does work in all different fields. I currently have an internship at a company like this in Raleigh called HRD. I hope to graduate in 2018.

One of my favorite hobbies is hiking and minimalist camping. I like to go on trips at least three times a year. One of my favorite places to hike is the Linville National Forest in Linville, NC. Sometime very soon I'd like to travel west to do some hiking/ camping on different kinds of terrain than I'm accustomed to. Eventually, I want to travel out of the country to hike and camp. One thing I'd like to do next summer is do a 5 day camping trip, since the most I've done at once so far is 3 days.

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My Resume!!

Course Expected Grade
CSC111 A
MA 242 B
PY208 B