Welcome To My Webpage!

Hello, my name is Moriah Kimel! I am a freshman (a wolf pup!). I am majoring
in Textile Engineering. I mostly wanted to major in this because I would like
to be involved in Medical Textiles. I hope to one day go to Medical School.

My favorite hobby is to tell jokes. I love to make up extremely corny jokes
otherwise known as "Dad Jokes". Everyday in my physics class in high school
I would tell a joke. Wanna hear one? What did the cop say when he saw a man
robbing a bakery? I caught you bread handed!!


How to Order a Pizza

  1. Go to the Papa John's Website
  2. Pick the size of your pizza
  3. Pick lots of yummy toppings:)
  4. Dig some money out of the couch
  5. Wait for the delicious pizza. Remember to tip the delivery man!
Class Grade
MA 141 A
E 101 A
EC 205 B