Welcome to my About Me page, and thank you for looking!:

I am Michael Meloy, and although I am a junior by credit hours, I am more akin to a freshman. This is my first semester back in almost a decade. I am currently trying to CODA into the engineering program. I am not yet decided on a major within engineering as I find almost all of it to be facinating. Right now, I am only sure about which majors I do not want to join. I only have a few more months to decide, but it's so hard!

Before I came back to NCSU, I was working for SimplexGrinnell as a fire alarm instalation foreman. It was enjoyable work, and in fact is where I found that I enjoy building and tinkering. In a crazy twist, I became the primary installer for NCSU fire alarm systems, so in a way, I never left.

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My Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Food and Society
  2. ROTC
  3. Technology and Society
  4. Creative Writting
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Alpha Eta Mu Beta Link
Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers Link