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Hi, my name is Morgan Morefield and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am an intended Materials Science and Engineering major and if all goes as planned, I look forward to CODAing at the end of my spring semester. I am interested in materials science because I have always enjoyed chemistry, however I wanted to find a way to apply the concepts and make products that will benefit society. I have also considered chemical engineering as a backup plan. Additionally, I attended a materials summer camp at NCSU that made me interested and excited to be a part of that major. That camp was fun, exciting, and very informational. We were able to use the laboratories and meet some of the faculty in the department.

I have several favorite hobbies; some of which include playing volleyball and playing with animals. I have played volleyball since I was in 6th grade and have played both competitively and on my high school varsity team. This past year I was able to coach my own team of beginning volleyball players. I also have a very strong love of animals. Some of my favorites include dogs, horses, and rabbits, however I love all kinds of animals. I love to volunteer at animal shelters to be able to spend more time around animals.

  1. Google the number to Papa Johns
  2. Call Papa Johns
  3. Tell the server what kind of pizza you want and what toppings you want
  4. When the driver gets there pay him
  5. Don't forget to tip the driver
  6. Open and enjoy!

Class Name REL 311 CH 101 MA 141 E 101 ENG 101 HESA 217
Expected Grade B+ B- A A+ A S

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