Information about Michaela

Hi my name is Michaela O'Leary and it is my second year here at NC State. I am still in Exploratory Studies and am taking E115 because I wanted to pursue a major in applied math. Recently, I changed my mind and have decided to pursue what I am truly passionate about; teaching. Soon I will be applying to the College of Education to study Elementary Education.

I am not currently working while I am taking classes but I have worked a few different jobs in my life. For two summers I worked at a pool as a swim coach and a front desk manager. I then worked as a hostess at a restaurant. After that I worked at a sleep-away camp in Greensboro. There I was a camp counselor for middle school aged girls for a two summers in a row. I also coached swimming for all ages when I worked there.

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Interesting Classes:

  1. FLS 332 (currently in)
  2. HS 200 (took last year)
  3. EDP 304 (will take)
  4. Student teaching (will complete)

Clubs on Campus:

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Club Swimming Club Swimming
Hillel NCSU Hillel