Welcome to Maddie's Page

My name is Maddie Adams and I am a biological engineering major here at NC State. Within this major I am concentrating in environmental studies. With this degree, I plan on working on restoring parts of the environment so that they are safe for future generations.

My favorite hobby would have to be tennis. I have played for three years now and plan on trying out for the club team in the spring. In high school, my doubles partner and I were ranked second in the county, and we continued onto regionals during playoff season. Not only do I enjoy playing tennis, I also enjoy watching it. My favorite player is Roger Federer.



  1. Call Pizza Hut
  2. Ask for a medium pizza
  3. Request that they put pepperoni and sausage on it
  4. Hang up
  5. Answer the door and retrieve your pizza
  6. Consume the pizza

Classes Expected Grade
E 115 S
E 101 A+
Calc 2 A-
PY 205 C+
EC 205 B