Welcome to my Page

My name is Michelle Anderson. I chose to do engineering because my father has always worked in the field even though he never got a degree. Before I came to college I wanted to do mechanical engineering. Since I have been here I have changed my mind. I think that industrial engineering suits me more.

My favorite hobby is slaloming. Slaloming is water skiing on one ski. I have lived on the lake my whole life, so I learned at a fairly early age. Even though I have been slaloming since I was six, I have only skied on a course a handful of times. This is something that I wish I could do more.

Resume ncsu

Ham Sandwich

  1. lay out two pieces of bread
  2. spread mayo on one slice
  3. put on three pieces of ham
  4. add two slices of cheese
  5. put the other piece of bread on top
Class Expected grade
ANS 105 B-
HI 252 B+
E115 Pass