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Picture of me

Basic Info
I am currently in Exploritory Studies but intend to change my mojor to Electrical Engineering over the summer. I attend North Carolina State University and inticipate to graduate in 2021. I am not settled on my major currently but think that Electrical Engineering would be a good fit. I am also considering Civil and Enviromental Engineering.

Why I Chose My Major
I chose Electrical Engineering because a couple reasons. One reason is because AFROTC requires me to have a technical major to keep my scholarship. Another reason is because I have always loved tinkering and building things, especially with electronics. Lastly I chose this major because I belive that once I leave the military, it could be the most beneficial to my success as a civilian.

Class Course Title Semester
Introduction to Computing Enviroments E115 Spring 2017
Physics for Engineers and Scientists 1 Lab PY206 Spring 2017
Chemistry for Engineers and Scientists CH101 Fall 2017