Welcome to Michael Brown's Webpage!

Who am I?

My name is Michael Brown. I am officially a sophomore, though I have been here for three years. I am behind on classes due to a series of unfortunate injuries. I am switching into computer science. I am choosing computer science because I like working with computers and there are many job opportunities in that career field. I want to either design video games or take over my dad's software development company.


My favorite hobby is playing Quidditch. I am the Captain and President of Wolfpack Quidditch, the official quidditch team here at NC State. I play both Seeker and Chaser. We are constantly growing, and always welcome anyone interested in learning to play. The team has been around since 2009, and was one of the first teams founded in North Carolina. We play as part of the Carolina Quidditch Conference(CQC), which is part of US Quidditch(USQ), which is part of the International Quidditch Association(IQA).

Wolfpack Quidditch US Quidditch Website

Click the image above to learn more about Quidditch!

How to make my favorite pizza:

  1. Roll out the dough
  2. Gently apply sauce to the top of the dough
  3. Cover in cheese and pepperoni
  4. Put pizza in oven and cook until done

  5. Course Name Expected Grade
    E115 Satisfactory
    CSC116 B
    ENG282 B
    MA241 C
    EC205 B
    HESS246 Satisfactory
    MUS131 A
    MUS152 A

    Here is an essay I wrote!