Pull for the Panthers to beat the Eagles

My name is Matthew Childers. I am a sophmore and I will graduate in the year 2018. I am currently undescided on what maopr I want to be in, but I am pretty sure that I want to be some kind of engineer. The mojor that I most likely will major in is mechanical engineering. I think that it is the best major for me because I love to work on things such as cars. The other major that I am interested in is electrical engineering because it seems really complicated.

My favorite hobby is MMA. I love MMA because it allows me to fight people without actually getting hurt. I also love football because it is a really fun way to compete against my friends. My last hobby is to work on cars. I like to work on cars because it is like a small puzzle everytime you have to fix something. It is also good because it allows you to save money when you need to fix your car.

ninja bunny espn Paper Airplanes Lab Report
  1. Think of what you want to order
  2. Find the phone number to the pizza place
  3. Call the pizza place, and place the order
  4. Go outside an pick up your pizza
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 2 A
Physics B+
E115 S
Economics A
Cultural Anthropology B+