Welcome to my Page!

My name is Marzanne DeLapp de Anaya and I am a first-year student, or a freshman, at North Carolina State University. Right now I'm in the College of Engineering, and I plan on studying Industrial and Systems Engineering after going through the CODA process. I chose Industrial and Systems Engineering because I felt like it would allow me to explore opportunities in a wide variety of industries. I believe that having the ability to work in various industries and jobs ensures that I won't get bored sitting at one desk for the rest of my life. I'm a very organized and efficient person, so I felt that improving system processes was a good fit for me.

As of October 20th, 2015, I have been training on aerial silk for one year. Aerial silk is considered a form of acrobatics, dance, and athletics- it is very common to see in circuses and is becoming increasingly popular in theatrical productions. I started my journey as an aerialist in order to understand how to incorpate it into my high school theatre company's production of Big Fish. Over the past year, I have seen my flexibility, endurance, strength, and skill all improve because of my work on aerial silk. It's definitely my favorite hobby.

My Favorite Website

Check out my resume here!

How to Order My Favorite Type of Pizza:

  1. Go to the Papa John's Website
  2. Click on "Start Your Order" and enter your address
  3. Select "Create Your Own" and make a medium pizza with regular sauce and normal cheese
  4. Add ham, pineapple, and bacon to the pizza
  5. Finish the order, pay, and wait!

My First Semester Classes and Expected Grades

Class Expected Grade
MA141 A-
CH101 B-
EC201 A+
E115 S
E144 A+
E101 A