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My name is Marshall Farr. I am a freshman in paper science and engineering
I chose this major partly because of a scholarship letter I recieved in the mail
I also chose it because I enjoy chemistry. I originally wanted to do a
double major with chemical engineering but I have changed my mind about that.

My favorite hobby is playing the mandolin. I have been involved in music since
sixth grade and the mandolin has recently become my favorite instrument. It is
fun to just sit around and mess around playing different things. I want to get
together with some other musicians and just play a lot. Music is the greatest.

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Yooo what's up humans it's pizza time.
  1. Take some dough and just roll it out. Do whatever shape you can think of, seriously, this is a judgement free zone. Be creative
  2. Take your jar labeled "pizza sauce" and place its contents on the dough.
  3. Put cheese and other things on it. Like pepperoni's, or pineapple.
  4. Now put it in the oven and set that thing to 450 and wait. It could be a while, 15-25 minutes. i don't know but you should just trust your judgement.

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Class Expected Grade
English A-
Calculus II B+
Weight Training S

guy playing mandolin