Morgan Funderburk's Bio

My name is Morgan. I am a student at NC State. I'm in Naval ROTC, and I'm going to be a SEAL one day. I'm a freshman and I am majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace is a passion of mine and has been ever since I was small. My Dad was a pilot and is now an Aerospace Engineer, and I've loved flight and aircraft ever since I can remember. I'd love to take part in designing the next generation of airplanes, be they to keep our country safe or passenger jets than can move more people more efficiently.

My favorite break is and will continue to be winter/Christmas Break. I love the atmosphere and the joy that it brings. I typically go on a big skiing trip around this time of year as well, so that plays a big part. Some of my favorite things to do during winter include sipping hot chocolate and having massive snowball fights with my siblings. Christmas is also my favorite holiday. This year I want a Cam Newton jersey.

My Favorite Website
My Second Favorite Website: Facebook

How to make PB&J

  1. Get 2 slices of bread.
  2. Put peanut butter on one slice.
  3. Put jelly on the other slice.
  4. Spread the jelly and peanut butter evenly on the bread using a knife or fork.
  5. Put the two pieces of bread together so that the peanut butter and jelly are facing one another.

E115 A

MA241 A

SOC204 A