Random Lily Stuff

Learn more about Lily's life and some of her interests.

My name is Lily, and I am a freshman in the College of Engineering at NC State.
I plan to go into Mechanical Engineering in my next semester. I am interested
in this major because of my love for math and physics, and the opportunities I
might have in a career. I am currently looking into options with energy systems
and renewable energy. However, I am also interested in car design and the nuclear

Dance has been my favorite hobby through most of my life. I started dancing when
I was six years old and continued throughout high school. While I danced, I did
jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, modern, and ballroom. Growing up in Los Angeles
gave me the opportunity to take great classes and learn from amazing choreographers.
I really hope to get plugged into the dance community while I am here at State.

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How to make my favorite pizza

  1. Roll out wheat pizza dough on pan
  2. Spread on tomatoe sauce and cheese
  3. Include toppings such as sausage, mushrooms, green olives, and pepperoni
  4. Place in the oven for 45 minutes
  5. Slice pizza and serve

Course Expected Grade
E115 Pass
E101 A
PY205 and 206 A
MA242 A
HON296-001 A
NE235 Pass
EC201 A