Hi! My name is Morgan Gunter.

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My College Education:

I am a first-year student at North Carolina State University, as an Engineering first-year. My intended major is Textile Engineering, with a concentration in product engineering. I anticipate to graduate from this school in May of 2020.

Why did I choose Textile Engineering?

I had always loved math and science, and knew I wanted to go into the field of engineering. For the longest time, however, I didn't know what kind. Two summers ago I attended the Summer Textile Exploration Program (STEP) here at NC State for Textile Engineering, and I fell in love with it. I also received the NC Textile Foundation Centennial Scholarship, which is only given to students in the College of Textiles, motivating me even more to go into that field.

My Skills and Assets

Relavent Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
E 101 Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving Fall 2016
CH 101 Chemistry: A Molecular Science Fall 2016
PY 205 Physics for Engineers and Scientists I Spring 2017
TE 110 Computer-Based Modeling for Engineers Spring 2017
TE 105 Textile Engineering: Materials and Systems Spring 2017