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My name is Maxwell Littlefield but I go by Max. I am a freshman and in first year college but plan on matriculating into mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is very interesting to me because of its heavy focus on physics and mechanics. Physics has always been interesting to me because of its application to the real world. I would like to use my degree to work with renewable and alternative energy. Working in that field would allow me the option (hopfully) of moving out west to where most of my siblings are. I'd like to provide an easy, cheap, and greener way of distributing and creating energy.
I have quite a few hobbies: soccer, hiking, snowboarding, camping, wakeboarding, and pretty much else outside. Choosing a favorite is very difficult but for the spring I'd have to say soccer. I grew up playing soccer and played until my senior year was almost done. Before I quit playing soccer, I had a division scholarship offer. The scholarship wasn't a huge deal, it was to play in a new program out in Utah but still it would have been pretty cool. My greatest memory of soccer is winning the Utah state cup my freshman year of high school. That year we scored 36 goals and gave up 0 so it was a pretty good tournament.
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  1. Spread mustard on bread
  2. Place Turkey on bread
  3. Place cheese on Turkey
  4. Place other slice of bread on top

Class Name Expected Grade
MA 341 B+
EC 201 A+
PY 205 A-

Utah State Cup